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Exposing The Toxic Roots of Cultural Corruption

• Kinsey’s European Predecessors
• Margaret Sanger and eugenics
• Financiers including major foundations and Big Pharma
• Kinsey’s fraudulent “data” and conclusions

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Sexploitation of Children in Cultural Institutions

K-12 Schools

• “Sex education”
• Sex saturated curriculum
• Sexual assaults by educators
• Sexual assaults by peers


• “Sexology” field emerges to train educators
• Kinseyan worldview permeates university instruction in all fields IASHS and similar programs


• Obscene materials proliferate throughout libraries
• Libraries collude with pornography providers, refuse to filter porn, fight laws requiring filters.

Media (including internet)

• Television
• Film
• Advertising
• Music
• Social media

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Exposing Pornography and Child Sex Trafficking

• Hugh Hefner as Kinsey’s Pamphleteer launches mainstream porn
• Hefner introduces children as sex objects through cartoons
• DOJ study on images of children, crime and violence shows predominance of images of children as sex objects.
• Pornography Proliferates, becomes more exploitive and violent
• Porn users turn to children, increasingly younger
• Pandemic of child and infant rape
• Epidemic of trafficking of children to satisfy porn-fueled desires

2018 Consequences of Kinsey's Criminal Pseudoscience.png

Consequences of Kinsey's Criminal Pseudoscience

• Kinsey's Youth to Family Man
• The Indiana University Sexologist
• Rationalization or Science?
• Stag Films as Sex Research
• American Men: Eliminating Fathers
• American Women: Eliminating Mothers
• The Child Experiments
• Kinsey's Impact on American Law
• Elite American Eugenecists
• Kinsey's “Scientifically Trained Observers”



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This picture of Judith Reisman was taken in Barbados at a national event to bring back family values and righteousness over nation. Judith is wearing the national colors.

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